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Are you looking for Agriculture Tyres for your vehicle?


In the UK, every year numerous farmers invest tens of thousands pounds on buying agricultural tyres; however, they often fail to understand the essential aspects of this type of unit.

Tyre experts available at our car facility have been assisting agricultural professionals and others for decades. We assure our buyers best quality agricultural tyres from the leading tyre manufacturing companies including Alliance, Michelin, Bridgestone Mitas, BKT etc. As quality is our first priority, every tyre at UK Tyres West London undergoes rigorous checking before we stock them at our shelves.

    Things to consider before buying agricultural tyres

  • Tyre construction: There are two types of tyre construction, namely Radial and Bias Ply construction that buyers must select from while buying agricultural tyres. Radial tyres come with a lot of advantages such as increased traction, maximum fuel economy wheel slippage protection. Bias ply construction on the other hand, have stiff sidewalls which offer effective performance in forestry rather than farming.
  • Tread designation: R1, R1W, R2, R3 and R4 are tread designation that have specific usage as per different vehicles. Among these, R1, R1W, R2 are used for agricultural purposes and offer superior traction on dry, wet and sticky and flooded fields accordingly. Buyers must select units as per the demand of the field and vehicle.
  • Tread depth: Tread depth is one of the important factors that buyers should keep in mind. Big tractors require tyres with bigger tread depth. Therefore, to ensure easy navigation on various types of farmlands, you must select agricultural tyres depending on your vehicle size.
  • Air pressure: Tyres with higher pressure than recommended specification or tyres with low air pressure are invariably linked with the fuel efficiency, tyre life, stability of the vehicle and soil health. That is why, it is imperative you must look for the right tyre pressure for your vehicle.
  • Load-carrying capacity: Buyers often tend to equip their vehicles with tyres more than the recommended load-carrying capacity. Every tyre consists of an alpha-numeric code which indicates the load carrying capacity of the unit which can be written on numbers or letters.
  • Please note: through the process of remoulding and vulcanisation, worn or damaged agricultural tyres can be repaired.

    Select premium-quality agricultural tyres from UK Tyres West London at affordable prices.

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