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Alloy Wheel Repair London

The alloy wheel market in the United Kingdom is booming. These units are wildly popular in the major towns and cities. In London, for example, aesthetically pleasing alloy wheels have become a byword for style and enhanced performance.

However, since most alloy wheels are made up of nonferrous metals, including aluminium and magnesium, they are prone to damage.

You can avail the most efficient alloy wheel repair London at our facility, UK Tyres. Our technicians possess the experience, know-how and technological aids which allow us to retain a sizeable pool of clients from all over the Greater London area.

We also specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment London. Please note that our services are also available in Brent.

Why do alloys need periodic repairs?

There are 3 primary causes of damage to alloy wheels. Take a look:

  • High-grade alloy wheels - some containing Carbon components - are rather expensive. This forces several people to compromise on quality and purchase low-grade, inexpensive alloys. It is the leading reason why many alloy wheel owners are dissatisfied.

  • Rough driving and kerbing make alloys look dull because of the accumulation of dirt and grime, chipped rims and even salt (which is poured on roads during peak winters). As a result, you might need to opt for periodic alloy wheel repair Brent.

  • Finally, we have noticed that many clients do not match the alloy s size with the vehicle manufacturer s recommendations. This leads to faster wear and tear, and it may also negatively afflict city driving.

How can we help?

UK Tyres is renowned as one of the most competent service centres for alloy wheel repair London. The following is a condensed list of our services, and how they are of benefit to you.

  1. Repairs
  2. We begin the process by painstakingly removing all the dirt and grime which tend to stick to the external parts. Once the area is clearer, we wash it carefully, keeping the tyre masked. Now if any scratch or indentation is evident, UK Tyres technicians sand the areas and then apply filler on the affected areas.

    We end the process by spraying on high-quality paint followed by primer application. We will ensure that the colour matches that of the vehicle.

    Note that more severe cases of alloy wheel damage may even require a replacement. The process we summarised is a common template.

  3. Refurbishments
  4. Although it is slightly more complicated than repairs, alloy wheel refurbishment takes little time. Powder coating, diamond cutting and ordinary cosmetic repairs are the 3 operations we are adept at. All these processes start with a thorough cleaning of the alloys to remove all mud and grime.

    Powder coating is when we apply lacquer and paint plus a wet spray to restore the alloy to its original glory.

    Diamond cutting is a bit more expensive. While it is remarkably similar to coating, we use a special lathe which makes the alloy s surface sparkle and refract light.

    A cosmetic repair is very common and we have performed it thousands of times. It usually involves a tiny area of the alloy wheels surface. We coat and paint the exterior and finish the process with a thorough wipe.

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