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Are you looking for AlloyGator Wheel Protectors London for your vehicle?

AlloyGator products are wheel protectors made using super-strong Nylon material. It's flexible so it will not damage your expensive alloy-wheels when fitting. On the other hand, these very special wheel protectors are so tough they can easily protect the wheels from (kurb)damage.

AlloyGators are produced with highly sophisticated technology. AlloyGator locks to the wheel 360° with consistent colour, maintained throughout. 

Alloygators can be fitted to wheels of size 12" to 24". 

There are 2 styles:

  •  Original: Apex-edge-profile - sizes ranging between 13″ and 21″ diameter fitted and available in the colour of your choice. 
  • Exclusives – The next generation! With rounded-edge-profile for wheels between 12″ and 24″ diameter. 

The "Alloygators"are available in 15 colours. Whether you like them in Silver, Black or Graphite, or more are a fan of brighter colours or glow-in-the-dark, we got you covered.

If you would like to see them here in our shop or just want to ask for more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will always have time for you.

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