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Caravan Tyres London

Caravan tyres are not too different from standard passenger car tyres if you look at them carefully. However, these tyres come with a superior speed index which helps them bear the load that caravans, and their occupants, usually have.

In the United Kingdom, most of the older caravans use 13-inch tyres while the newer variants come fitted with 14-inch models.

If you are looking to purchase a brand new set of these units, visit our facility, UK Tyres. We are proud to stock one of the largest inventories of caravan tyres London.

Choosing the right set of caravan tyres London

Since caravans are usually taken for off-road drives, identifying a proper set of tyres is of paramount importance. Here are some pointers which UK Tyres recommends:

  • Decode the tyre size and load ratings:
  • Whenever you purchase a set of caravan tyres Brent from UK Tyres, we will ensure that the models suit your vehicle. Caravans come in single and double-axle variants. But they will accept the same tyres.

For example, if you have selected a tyre which bears the alphanumeric code 245/55R14 on its outer wall, it indicates that the section width is 245 mm, the aspect ratio is 55, and the model has a rim diameter of 14 inches.

But, pay closer attention to the load and speed ratings as well. The speed rating should be at least M, while the load index should be 90 or above. Note that the bigger the vehicle, the higher the load index you will require.

  • Avoid low profile models:
  • Caravans have enormously powerful suspension systems. That means they can easily tread off-road conditions even when fully loaded. That said, it is imperative that you avoid low profile caravan tyres London. These units might damage the wheel boxes and might also have a negative effect on your driving experience.

  • Do not purchase a commercial-grade model:
  • You can easily recognize such a model because they will bear the letter C on their sidewalls. These units are not recommended as they will consume more fuel while not adding any visible value to your caravan.

Bestselling caravan tyres Brent

At UK Tyres, we sell thousands of caravan tyres each year. Based on our records, here are 2 popular models:

  1. Maxxis VanSmart MCV3+:
  2. Maxxis has slowly but steadily made a mark in this niche. Its latest addition to the VanSmart family has reinforced sidewalls and a remarkable load-bearing capacity.

  3. Nexen Roadian CT8:

    This summer tyre has captured the market because of its low running noise, decent fuel economy and an unparalleled wet grip. It is one of the finest caravan tyres London.

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