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Are you looking for Construction Machinery Tyres for your vehicle?


When we talk about construction vehicles, we think of heavy-duty cranes and forklifts. To cater to the heavy load lifting requirements, these tyres' quality and load index should increase proportionately; else, there could be a chance of significant accident and even fatalities. We, at UK Tyres West London, stock construction Machinery tyres London at cost-effective prices.

The industrial work includes construction, underground mining, material handling, etc. For these types of job, your vehicle needs tyres that are capable of providing a solid base.

The different kinds of industrial tyres we provide are:

Material Handling Vehicle Tyres: 

If you are looking for tyres used in material handling vehicles, you should consider tyres that have excellent traction. The tyres should also be of high-quality rubber with robust sidewalls as the material being handled can be very heavy. 

  • Cushion Tyres: The rolling resistance is decreased because of the high metal-belt to rubber adhesion in these tyres. The heat in the tyres is reduced with the use of natural rubber components. 
  • Pneumatic Forklift Tyres: The treads of forklift tyres are resistant to wear. These tyres are made extra strong to avoid punctures due to scrap metal from the material to be lifted. They have advanced tread that provides better grip. Forklift tyres leave a wider footprint because of their broad shoulders. 
  • Solid Resilient Construction Tyres:

    These tyres are made to perform heavy-duty construction work that requires high traction, along with tread that will not wear out from the friction caused by the construction work and the material spread on the ground.

    Most of the tyres that we have for construction work vehicles are puncture-proof. We know how important it is to maintain safety on the construction site; thus, the tyres are also blowout resistant. The tyres are responsible for providing the highest comfort level as it can get extremely tiring in a heavy-duty vehicle if you don't have the right set of tyres.

    Underground Mining tyres:

    As the government has become more considerate about the environment, underground mining is preferred over open-pit mining. For the vehicles that excavate underground, you need tyres capable of providing exceptional grip and resistance to wears and punctures to offer the utmost safety.

    The tyres that we offer for underground mining vehicles are made to withstand such demanding conditions and resist any blowouts.

    In case you need tyres made from high-quality rubber to withstand challenging situations, please visit UK Tyres in West London.

    Our experts will help you find the correct set of tyres as per your requirement.

    If you already know what you want, then you can also book your industrial tyres with us online, using our quick and easy-to-use website.

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