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Exhaust Services London

Is your car's exhaust making a lot of noise these days?

Has your vehicle started to use a lot more fuel while the performance goes down?

Have you noticed an unusual vibration inside the car while driving?

These are obvious indicators of a faulty exhaust system. 

An expert can diagnose some exhaust system issues only by listening to it or by looking under the car. 

As easy as the diagnostics are, the more complicated a repair might be.

But don't worry. Our team of experts can carry out any exhaust service and repairs. Visit our top-equipped workshop. You will be amazed by our work and our very reasonable prices.

Again, what you should look out for:

A vehicle engine is burning fuel to generate power. This builds up fumes inside the engine compartment which have to be extracted immediately. The so-called exhaust manifold is pulling the gas out and also dampening thermal stresses plus vibration. High temperatures and vibration make the exhaust system more vulnerable to damage.

Here are a few ways to identify a damaged exhaust manifold.

The exhaust's silencer usually warns you of a problem. 

An exhaust starts to make a loud "roaring" noise. More likely, you have heard a noise like this before somewhere. This means the exhaust muffler is defect.

In case you hear more of a hissing sound, there might be a crack in the exhaust manifold.

Chugging noises suggests a possible pipe blockage.

A rattling noise means, the exhaust is either misaligned or even loose.

In any case, you should come to our workshop as soon as possible. 

Please do not drive with a faulty exhaust

The exhaust' primary function is to lead harmful fumes away, so it does not enter the vehicle cabin and becomes extremely hazardous. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can kill! 

You can avoid this hazard with regular exhaust checks. 

The government regulates noise levels and CO2 emissions. A damaged exhaust system might lead to an MOT test failure. If the Police notice any failures and stop you, it can result in you having to pay a hefty fine.

The exhaust system is quite complex with multiple components. 

So only take your car to an expert garage to get the best exhaust repair London. We are definitely one of them. 

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