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MOT Test London

Cars certainly play a significant role in our lives as they give us independence.

But while on the road, it is absolutely crucial importance to maintain the vehicle's safety. MOT tests are the only way to prove your car's roadworthiness and safety officially. We have the facilities and qualifications to conduct MOT tests London.

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What exactly is an MOT?

During an MOT test London, all vital vehicle components are being inspected. Safety, as well as driving comfort, is checked. MOT tests are mandatory once a year for vehicles over three years of age (from manufacturing date). Our specialists will inspect a vehicle's clutch, engine, brakes, wheels/tyres handbrake, seat belts, windows/windscreen, and many more parts. If faults are detected which are not to the MOT standards, you will receive a form, the issues. By law, you have to get these issues fixed within ten days and then get the vehicle retested. 

Please note: Unless you still have a valid MOT certificate from last year, you are no longer allowed to drive until you have received the new certification.

For minor faults, you will receive a so-called advisory note so you can see what you should get fixed/changed soon.

Why not go for an MOT pre-check?

To avoid any trouble or potential MOT failure, you can take your car for an MOT Brent pre-check at our workshop. Our team will look at:

  • The brakes
  • The Suspension
  • The Handbrake
  • The Exhaust system
  • The Tyres and wheels (incl. the spare wheel/tyre)
  • The lights (headlights, indicators etc.)

Driving without or a failed MOT?

A bad idea. Apart from being illegal and risking a hefty fine (up to £25000), you can also put yours, and other people's lives in danger.

Also, in case of an accident, your car insurance will refuse to pay.

Come to us

We are an official, certified MOT testing station. Approved by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority)

Book your MOT London and/or MOT pre-test today.

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