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Are you looking for Motorhome tyres London for your vehicle?

Motorhome tyres London

Motorhome tyres, often interchangeably called campervan tyres, are uniquely built to carry heavier loads without compromising the handling performance. These tyres come with a distinct construction that offers shorter braking distances, enhances steering responsiveness, and also provides improved driving comfort.

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How are motorhome tyres different?

Motorhomes carry much higher loads than regular cars or vans, and hence, their tyres are also exclusively designed. Therefore, you should opt for quality motorhome tyres London from us for optimum performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

Take a look at some of the unique features of these units.

  • Higher load-carrying capacity
  • One of the most apparent distinguishing characteristics of Motorhome tyres Brent is their superior and more robust sidewall construction that enhances their load-carrying capacity.

    While the maximum load-carrying capacity of standard car tyres London is around 500 kg, and that of a van unit is 700 kg, motorhome variants can carry up to 1200 kg on each tyre.

  • Increased tyre pressure
  • Motorhome tyres are exclusively designed to carry higher tyre pressure. While any regular car tyre is limited to a pressure of 40psi and a van tyre up to 65psi, a specialised motorhome tyre is required to be inflated to at least 80psi.

    Therefore, motorhome tyres must be inflated adequately, and the tyre pressure must be checked on a routine basis. Otherwise, inadequately inflated motorhome tyres can drastically compromise your vehicle safety besides increasing rolling resistance and decreasing fuel economy.

  • Robust construction and distinct tread designs
  • Constructed with a unique blend of rubber compounds and other proprietary materials, these units sport distinct tread patterns that ensure enhanced traction and grip on a number of different surfaces. Thus, you should only install these tyres on your motorhome to extract the maximum performance out of it.

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Popular motorhome tyres available at our garage

  • Michelin Agilis Campaign
  • Continental Vanco Camper
  • Pirelli Chrono Camper
  • Maxxis Campro MAC 2 CP

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