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Are you looking for Part worn Tyres London for your vehicle?

Part-worn tyres

Part worn tyres are second-hand units that must meet the legal standards set by the DVSA to be eligible for sale. According to a recent study by an independent body TyreSafe, more than 5 million part worn units are sold each year in the UK alone.

Since these tyres have already been used for a while, new buyers need to be exceptionally careful about the safety parameters and make sure that these models provide appropriate traction on the road.

To ensure maximum on-road safety, you should purchase part worn tyres London from only reputed retailers like UK Tyres. With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, our in-house professionals can quickly assess consumer needs and suggest models accordingly.

We also maintain a comprehensive collection of new and part worn tyres Brent from various customer-trusted brands that match almost every vehicle make and model. 

What to look for before buying part worn tyres London

Part worn tyres are an excellent cost-effective solution for budget-conscious car owners. These units cost significantly less than brand new models.

The re-sale of part worn tyres near me is governed by the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg. 7.).

Here is a comprehensive guide on the eligibility criteria that part worn tyres must meet:

  • Each part-worn unit should have Part Worn lettered on it
  • If not re-treaded, it should contain E written beside Part Worn
  • If re-treaded, the units should contain appropriate lettering according to the British Standards.
  • The original grooves of the tyres should be visible on the tread surface
  • There should be a minimum tread depth of 2 mm on units that cannot be re-treaded
  • No visible cuts or tears on the tyre surface; the sidewall should not bulge outwards
  • These units should qualify an inflation test before sale

Note: If a part worn tyre is punctured, it should be repaired according to British Standard BS AU 159 guidelines before sale.

At UK Tyres, our technicians strictly adhere to all these guidelines while running thorough quality checks on part worn units. Therefore, if you are not looking for anything extraordinary out of yourcar tyres Brent
, consider investing in a set of these second-hand units.

Still searching for part worn tyres near me?

To match the requirements of our customers, we stock our inventory with an extensive collection of new and part worn tyres London from renowned brands from across the world.

Check out our inventory first-hand by coming directly to our workshop.

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