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Are you looking for Puncture Repair London for your vehicle?

Puncture Repair London

Have you been searching for car tyre puncture repairs near me?

When running on a tight schedule, sudden punctures can be extremely frustrating and problematic, often leaving you stranded in the middle of a road. That being said, car owners should keep themselves prepared for such mishaps, as punctures due to debris and nails are common occurrences.

If you are stuck with a flat tyre as well, get in touch with UK Tyres for prompt puncture repair London. We are a family run business with over 50 years of experience in this industry, offering top quality automobile products and services to our customers.

Give us a call to know more about our bookings and appointments. If you wish to avail puncture repair London or puncture repair Brent, our experts are at your service.

Standard puncture repair guidelines

In the UK, garages usually repair tyre damages internally with a repair patch and plug. This is the British standard tyre repair Brent procedure as per the BS AU 159 guidelines. Only a professional puncture repairing garage London will follow these guidelines, and we make sure that our experts are well versed with this procedure.

We can only repair tyres that are street compliant. Thus, we can only conduct tyre repair London if the damage is within the central 3/4th part of the tyre surface. We cannot repair tyre sidewalls, bulged tyres or tyres with a tread of 1.6mm or below (which would be illegal).

If a unit fails these mandatory checks, we advise getting new tyres for maximum on-road safety.

How does UK Tyres approach puncture repairs?

As per BS AU 159 protocols, our experts will first remove the tyre from the wheel and locate the damage site. After a thorough cleaning, any foreign entity that caused the leak is removed, and a puncture channel is created with the help of a 6mm carbide mill cutter.

Further, an advanced mixture of pre-buff cleaners and vulcanising accelerator solution is used to plug the damaged site. A corrugated tyre stitcher may be used if necessary.

As you can see, the procedure we follow for puncture repair London is quite meticulous and uses only advanced tools and equipment to ensure a professional tyre repair service. Our consistency in providing top-quality products and services makes our customers rely on us and come back to us any time they face issues with their vehicles.

Common causes of flat tyres in the UK

If you are looking for tyre repair London, you might be troubled by one of the following issues-

  • Sharp objects like nails and glass shards causing tyre leaks
  • Damaged valves
  • Ripped treads
  • Tyre blowout due to over-inflation, etc.

Irrespective of what caused the leaks, you can turn to us for prompt puncture repair London. In case your car tyres are damaged beyond repair, you can also buy tyres from our massive inventory spanning multiple brands and price segments.

Please get in touch with our experts. We will be glad to help you out.

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