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Are you looking for Remould Tyres London for your vehicle?

Remould Tyres London

A set of remould tyres London are an ideal option if you are someone who requires frequent tyre replacements or in case you do not want to invest in more expensive units. Also known as re-tread tyres, these products are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

If you wish to buy standard quality tyres without breaking the bank, we, at UK Tyres, suggest you opt for remoulds.

At our facility, we stock an array of remould tyres London, tailored to suit all your requirements.

What are remould tyres?

Remoulds London are made from tyres with worn-out treads but a sturdy carcass. Simply put, a new tread replaces the damaged one. First, the old tyre is thoroughly inspected (via stringent tests such as shearography) to estimate the overall wear. Then, the remaining tyre tread is stripped away and new rubber is moulded into the carcass.

Some of the common remoulding methods are:

  • Hot re-treading
  • Pre-cure
  • Mould cure
  • Bead to bead mounting, etc.

Are remoulded tyres safe?

Yes, they are safe, so much so that a large number of heavy-duty vehicles in the UK use remould tyres.

All remould tyres London are manufactured, strictly adhering to EC Regulation 108 for car tyres and 109 for commercial vehicle units.

Why choose remould tyres?

  • Cost-effective

Car owners are often tempted to buy remould tyres Brent over new ones due to their much lower prices. Remoulds offer standard performance, and these tyres can be re-treaded multiple times which further reduces their maintenance costs.

  • Efficiency

New manufacturing methods and advanced technologies are currently used to manufacture these units. Therefore, remould tyres London are now better than ever before.

  • Eco-friendly

Remoulding is a more eco-friendly process than manufacturing a new tyre from scratch. The process uses less oil and emits limited greenhouse gases. These tyres can thus reduce your vehicle s carbon footprint significantly. Therefore, remoulds are also considered as green tyres.


If you are looking for remould tyres near me,  your search effectively ends today.

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