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Are you looking for Summer Tyres London for your vehicle?

Summer Tyres London

Summer tyres are specifically manufactured to optimise traction and handling performance on hot and dry tarmacs, especially when temperatures rise above 7°C. It is in your best interest to install these dedicated units on your vehicle to enjoy a comfortable driving experience during the warmest part of the year.

If you are searching for summer tyres near me look no further than UK Tyres.

We stock a comprehensive inventory of summer tyres London, suitable for cars of any model and make. But before you make your purchase, we recommend you know what makes these tyres special.

Why opt for summer tyres London?

Before purchasing the best summer tyres London for your car, you must know all about these units' distinct construction and performance metrics.

Summer tyres London are made up of hard rubber compounds with less natural rubber content than their winter counterparts. These products are tailored to adapt to higher temperatures with ease, thereby ensuring superb grip and cornering precision on wet surfaces. These tyres are also known to reduce rolling resistance, thereby improving your vehicle's fuel economy significantly.

Summer variants come with larger blocks and lesser sipes to increase the contact area of the rubber and hence offer enhanced handling and braking performance. The unique tread design further helps to reduce braking distances, thereby improving driving comfort and safety.

These products also feature uniquely designed tread bars that help to minimize the risks of hydroplaning and offer exceptional lateral and longitudinal grip on wet roads.

Popular summer tyres Brent at our facility

Bridgestone Potenza S001- This tyre offers superior control and cornering precision on both wet and dry summer roads. It is manufactured with High Grip shoulder blocks that offer exceptional handling. The off-centre straight rib offers steering precision and stability at high speeds.

The tyre also comes with enhanced longitudinal stiffness to improve braking performance. Further, the high angle lug grooves coupled with the wide groove design offers efficient hydroplaning resistance.

Continental EcoContact 6- Constructed with a proprietary High-tech silica compound, this tyre reduces rolling resistance, thus enhancing fuel efficiency. The advanced Green Chilli 2.0 compound reduces tyre wear and improves durability.

Further, the ingeniously designed asymmetric rib and sipe geometry offer excellent traction and cornering precision on both wet and dry tarmacs.

Apart from these, we have many other options in store for you – whatever the purpose or budget.

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