Are you looking for Truck Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Driving on uneven roads can unbalance your truck’s wheel. This unbalance eventually leads to loss of control over the vehicle that can adversely affect your safety. UK Tyres West London has a team of highly skilled professionals with the required experience and equipment for handling truck wheels and providing balancing services. 

We thoroughly inspect the wheels and tyres and diagnose any imbalance using the latest technology. If needed, our team will add the required counter weights to make the wheels spin “round” again. Therefore, please call us or come to our garage and get the truck wheel balancing London done today.

    Advantages of Truck Wheel Balancing

  • Reduced vibrations
  • Balancing of the wheels ensures equal weight and pressure, reducing the vibrations and leading to better a better grip and control over the vehicle. 
  • Even tread wearing and enhanced tyre durability
  • Our team ensures that the weight of all four tyres is distributed evenly while balancing the wheels. This protects from uneven tread wear and increases the handling of your truck. 
  • Road safety
  • With perfectly balanced wheels, you do not have to worry about losing control over the steering.

    Symptoms That Your Truck’s Wheels Need Balancing

  • Signs of uneven tread wear and sometimes cracks or bulges in the sidewalls
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Difficulty in acceleration, braking and cornering
  • Vehicle drifting towards the left or the right side, and you have to keep adjusting the steering
  • How do we Balance the wheels?

  • The truck’s wheels are mounted on our computerised balancing machine. 
  • The they are spun at high speeds to detect any imbalance
  • If any issue is found, we correct the off-set balance by adding weights to the wheels.
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    If you are looking for accurate truck wheel balancing London, UK Tyres is your one-stop solution. You can book an appointment online and reserve your slot or directly visit us at our garage. Please reach out to us and get the most efficient truck wheel balancing service West London today. 

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