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Tyre Casings London

The methods of modern tyre manufacturing have changed significantly over the last 2 decades. In the United Kingdom’s tyre market, the buzzword nowadays is reusability, especially if a particular tyre model is meant for commercial use. Also, reusing old tyres plays a major role in reducing pollution, since disposing rubber carcasses is hardly eco-friendly.

Keeping all these dynamics in mind, UK Tyres decided some years ago to add high-quality casings to our inventory. We are currently one of the largest suppliers of tyre casings London.

These casings also come handy whenever a tyre requires re-treading. Also, it is our experience that such casings are more often than not used by commercial fleet owners or similar businesses where vehicles play a major role.

What are tyre casings?

The layer located just beneath the treads of a tyre is its casing, making it a part of the unit’s anatomy. It is the most vital part of a tyre as it incorporates a wheel’s body ply, bead and its sidewall.

Given that it comprises a substantial mass of an entire tyre, the tyre casing must be kept in proper condition. It must be handled carefully and with professional expertise.

Quality control of these casings is essential, since not all products have the same construction. We only store casings which have high TPI or ‘Threads per Inch.’

The greater the TPI value, the better the tyre’s performance and lifespan.

UK Tyres is operational in West London, Brent and Willesden. If you have any query, you are welcome to visit us during business hours.

Management and use of Tyre Casings

UK Tyres has been consistently rated as a quality supplier of superior tyre casings London. For clients who require several tyres at a go, we have devised a strategy which allows us to maintain these casings. Some aspects are:

Checking and maintaining tyre pressure within recommended levels at all time.

Ensuring that all casings are free of damage and there is no history of risky puncture repairs.

Lastly, we have experts who can determine casing quality using some technical processes. This is because UK Tyres has a robust QC in place.

Old tyre casings are primarily used for re-treading.

Professional re-treading can significantly contribute to a tyre’s durability. Besides, most re-treaded units come for almost 1/3rd the price of a new tyre.

Our technicians and tyre casings Brent experts will guide and advise you throughout the re-treading process since there might be considerable doubts regarding the efficacy of the process. We have also established our ties with manufacturers like Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone and several other independent re-treaders.

For more details, we welcome you to our facility at UK Tyres, West London, 131 Scrubs Lane, Willesden, London NW10 6QU.

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