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Following the 2012 mandate, all tyres sold in the EU are labelled according to their performance specifications. This labelling helps authorised garages like us, UK Tyres, to provide customers with units matching their exact requirements.

While purchasing car tyres London, our in-house experts recommend that you mention your requirements and driving behaviour. This allows us to find a model from our comprehensive inventory that perfectly suits your vehicle.

The EU tyre labels provide detailed information about the units performance metrics and rate three main aspects - fuel economy, wet grip, and noise.

Is every tyre in the UK labelled?


The following categories of tyres are exempt from tyre labelling:

  • Tyres for vintage cars

  • Units manufactured before 1st October 1990

  • Studded and off-road tyres

Understanding tyre labels

At our facility, you will find one of the largest collections of tyres from world-renowned brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Avon, and much more. Tyre labels on each unit help customers get a fair idea about the expected performance. Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide on the different ratings that you will find on these labels.

Fuel economy

Tyres account for up to 20% of your car s fuel economy. Thus, it is important that you choose tyres that offer excellent performance and low rolling resistance, which in turn contributes to improved fuel economy.

Fuel efficiency is marked from Grade A to Grade G, with differences of up to 8% between them. As you might have guessed, Grade A tyres are the most fuel-efficient ones. However, they are also the costliest. It is recommended that you select units that are Grade A, B, or C.

Wet Grip

Wet grip rating reflects a tyre s braking performance on wet streets. This is one of the most critical on-road safety criteria for car owners, as water and slush tend to compromise braking distances.

Yet again, it is rated from Grade A to G, with stopping distances varying by almost 2.5 m between each rating. A model rated Grade A will stop at least 15 m before a unit marked Grade G.

Noise levels

A tyre s rolling noise is one of the leading contributors to sound pollution. tyre labelsLondon contain three sound bars. While one filled sound bar corresponds to the lowest noise levels, three filled sound bars indicate the maximum.

If you have any query in mind, feel free to place us a call. Rest assured that you will find an amazing range of properly labelled tyres in our inventory, ideal for cars of any model and make. You can conveniently buy from our website or at our workshop.

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