Are you looking forTyre Repairs for your vehicle?


Did you know that many tyre damages can be repaired?

We at UK Tyres West Londons West London do it all the time. We remove and all kinds of foreign objects and repair the punctures.

A flat car tyre is annoying. But don't worry, we will do our best to help. Just bring the tyre to us or ask for our 24/7 call-out service.

Most of the time, after a short search, you will find a foreign object in flat tyres like nails, screws, pieces of glass, metal or plastic.

A repair is an inexpensive alternative to buying a new tyre.

    Additional cause of flat tyres can be a defective valve. This problem can be easily and inexpensively emedied by a simple valve replacement.

    However, if the tyre itself is damaged and the air can no longer be held, our UK Tyres West London West London specialist should have a look at it asap.

    Come by and we will be happy to advise you.

    Our professionally trained staff will repair your tyre.

    Certain guidelines must be met, which are checked by our specialists before a tyre can be repaired to ensure your safety:

    The puncture is located in the tread The driven-in nail /screw etc. must not exceed a certain penetration angle to allow the repair to be carried out.

  • A tyre can be destroyed internally or externally by long, wide flats.
  • The remaining tread depth is above 1.6mm
  • The sidewalls are not damaged or showing bulges
  • Unfortunately, run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as they change structure after they have lost pressure.

    In addition, leaking valves can also be responsible for flat tyres.

    Other reasons can be found in internally oxidised rims, which allow air loss between the tyre and the rim. Repairing defective car tyres makes sense, on the one hand for ecological reasons and on the other hand the costs are lower than buying a new tyre.

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