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It s been over a century since its inception, and Michelin has stood the test the time. Currently the second-largest manufacturer in the world, closely tailing Bridgestone, Michelin produces exceptional quality tyres for all vehicle classes.

The brand manufactures tyres that reflect its technological prowess and innovation and testifies why it continues to be a global leader in the tyre segment.

Buy Michelin tyres London for your SUVs, 4x4 and passenger cars from us - UK Tyres.

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Michelin summer tyres

The fundamental of any summer tyre is its hard rubber compound; however, its composition varies from one brand to another. Michelin uses its patented blend along with a striking tread pattern to enhance the tyres grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Another key benefit of 

 is the shorter braking distance and improved aquaplaning resistance. These tyres are also excellent at reducing your car s fuel consumption and provide impeccable performance on hot summer roads.

Some of the best Michelin summer tyres at our facility are-

  • Primacy 3
  • Pilot Sport 4 SUV
  • Latitude Tour HP
  • 4x4 Diamaris

Michelin winter tyres

Michelin s winter tyres are manufactured with softer rubber compounds and other proprietary materials such as Helio Compound 3G, a new silica and sunflower oil-based formula that provides enhanced grip on icy surfaces.

These units are also heavily grooved to provide excellent traction and braking on snow and ice. The presence of 3D sipes further enhances traction, control and precision.

Some of the finest Michelin tyres London for winters are-

  • Latitude Alpin LA2
  • Pilot Alpin 5 SUV
  • Latitude Alpin

Michelin all-season tyres

If you aren't willing to drive in extreme summers or winters, consider investing in all-season Michelin tyres London These offer appreciable round-the-year performance in moderate conditions and are exceptional at dry braking, snow braking and wet grip.

Their innovative tread patterns and unique sidewall construction make them appropriate for light off-road use as well. These durable tyres will amplify your driving control and provide impressive performance throughout the year.

Our perennially selling all-season Michelin tyres London are-

  • CrossClimate SUV
  • CrossClimate+
  • Agilis CrossClimate

Find the perfect match for your car on our website or at our service station. We stock Michelin tyres of all sizes, suitable for vehicles of any model and make. Also, please note that all tyres in our inventory are properly labelled. Hence, you will get an idea about their expected performance and take a conscious buying decision.

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