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Nexen Tire Corporation, a South Korean tyre manufacturing company, was established in 1942. Since then, the brand has worked tirelessly to improve its products by developing newer and innovative tyre technologies.

All its units undergo stringent quality checks and follow the European tyre labelling regulations, providing only the best to its consumers. Its mission is to be among the world s top 10 manufacturers by 2025.

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Top 4 Nexen tyres London

Roadian MTX

  • This tyre is ideal for muddy surfaces as it provides sufficient grip and resists accelerated tread wear. It performs equally well while on or off-roading. You can expect appreciable cornering precision and improved driving stability on rough surfaces with these Nexen tyres London.

  • Its unique tread design removes stones efficiently, and the aggressive sidewall bite boosts its performance on icy or snowy roads.

Nfera Sport

  • Nfera Sport is a premium ultra-high-performance tyre that is popular for its incredible handling on race tracks. It offers excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces and improves your driving experience significantly.

  • Its wide longitudinal grooves help in improving drainage and reduce the risks of aquaplaning, while the rigid centre block enhances its stability. The features that make this tyre ideal for sports cars is its exterior groove wall design that provides excellent cornering precision and outstanding grip.

Winguard Snow G3

  • As the name suggests, these Nexen tyres London are ideal to navigate on snow-covered roads since their structured tread pattern provides impeccable snow traction. It is also capable of delivering excellent mileage on cold, dry roads due to its extended shoulder block. These are studless PCR premium alpine tyres that also let you drive safely on wet surfaces.

Roadian CT8

Offering improved stability and constructed with a durable tread design, these tyres are an excellent choice for your vans. If you own a Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily or a Hyundai Porter, install these Nexen tyres London and experience the ultimate performance on wet roads.

It features unique shoulder blocks and biting edges that improve traction as well as fuel economy. Its tread has a straight groove design that enables excellent drainage performance, further boosting its grip on wet surfaces.

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