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Pirelli was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli almost 150 years ago, and it has now become a global sensation in the tyre market. It manufactures tyres for almost all vehicle classes and invests heavily on R D to continuously improve its products.

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Before you place your order, we recommend you know why Pirelli tyres London are popular.

What makes Pirelli tyres special?

Driven by passion and the intent to deliver only superior quality products, Pirelli has developed several class-leading technologies. The most prominent ones are discussed below.


The PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) has been developed to reduce the tyre s rolling noise. A sound-absorbing device is attached to the inner circumference of the tyre to reduce noise by 50%, thus ensuring superior comfort while driving.

The technology works with the help of Pirelli s innovative polyurethane sponge that absorbs the cavity noise produced inside tyres.

Some of the popular Pirelli tyres London that feature this technology are:

  • Cinturato Winter

  • Ice Zero

  • Winter Sottozero

Seal Inside Technology

With this incredible technology, you can continue driving your care safely up to a certain distance even after a puncture.

It works with the help of sealing mastic that is attached to a tyre s interior. When these tyres get punctured, the sealing mastic creates a seal around the damaged site. When you pull that object out, the sealing mastic fills the cavity and seals the edge of that hole.

You will find this revolutionary puncture-resistant feature in Pirelli tyres London like:

  • P Zero

  • Scorpion Winter

  • Scorpion Verde All Season

Run Flat Technology

Similar to the Seal Inside Technology, the Run Flat Technology is also developed to ensure a safer driving experience. This technology ensures that you can continue driving at a limited speed and up to a certain distance even with a flat.

The tyres featuring Pirelli s RF technology are constructed with reinforced sidewalls that can withstand the vehicle s load even in the event of a sudden tyre pressure loss.

If you are willing to enjoy the benefits of this unique technology, you can buy the following Pirelli tyres London:

  • Winter Sottozero 3

  • Scorpion Verde

  • Cinturato P7

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