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Are you looking for Wheel refurbishment London for your vehicle?

Alloy wheels - definitely an upgrade to a car's looks.

Unfortunately, though alloy wheels are more prone to damage like dents, scuffs scratches or fading colours, in these cases, wheel refurbishment is a great and economical option.

We provide the best wheel refurbishment services in the area. 

Our customers have been trusting us for many years. So, we have also many new customers coming to us on recommendation which makes us very proud.

Wheel refurbishment London

What we do 

There are different types of alloy wheel damages.

We can sort out:

  • Corrosion
  • Cracks
  • Stone chips
  • Rust
  • Dents
  • Buckles
  • Wrinkled cask
  • and more...

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your vehicle's alloy wheels to locate the damage. Afterwards, we will suggest the optimal option of refurbishment.

The wheel refurbishment process

Usually, Alloy wheel refurbishment Brent are done in three separate steps: 

Powder coating: In case of severe damage, powder coating using a special spray might be the best option, helping to bring the wheel's original finish back.

If you want to change the wheel's colour, it can certainly be done as well.

Diamond cut: Similar to the powder coating mentioned above. But with this technique, a diamond-cut-lathe is used to remove a micro layer from the surface of the resulting in the classic diamond-cut finish.

Cosmetic repairs: 

SMART repairs used in case of small, rather superficial damage. Our experts will repaint the damaged part of the wheel with the original colour. All colours are coded so that you can be sure you will get the perfect finish.

Is wheel refurbishment Brent really necessary?

In our opinion, it is.

It reduces tyre-wear

A damaged wheel means uneven contact of the tyre with the surface. This can lead to faster and uneven tread wear.

It saves money: purchasing a new set of alloy wheels is definitely a lot more expensive.

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