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Are you looking for Wheel welding London for your Vehicle?

Wheel welding London

A heavy impact or regular driving on rough surfaces can damage your car s alloy wheels, leading to cracks, splits, dents, scrapes, etc. The extent of damage mainly depends on the alloy wheel and size of your car tyres.

If you notice scraping, splits or missing chunks on your vehicles wheels, it is in your best interest to opt for alloy wheel welding London.

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Factors determining the possibility of wheel welding

Location of the damage

The angle of the crack or split

Cracked alloys are a common problem in cars that have larger rims or low-profile rims. A professional technician must be certified and experienced in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. Using other techniques may lead to more damage around the welded portion.

Experts at UK Tyres always recommend you to opt for a wheel inspection before going for alloy wheel welding London. We ll assess the condition of your car s wheels and decide if repairing the wheel is a viable option. It will save you a great deal of money and time.

Please note that if a wheel is severely damaged and contains multiple cracks and splits, we strictly recommend that you opt for a replacement. We want you to be safe!

How does our alloy wheel welding work?

A welding process involves cutting and shaping the damaged area so that any crack or split can be opened up for cleaning. Then, our technicians, backed by years of experience in wheel welding Willesden, use advanced tools and equipment to repair the damaged portion of the wheel.

After the unit is welded, our wheel welding Brent technicians ensure that the tyre bead is completely evened out, especially where it comes in contact with the wheel. Also, we make sure that the whole repair process is carried out as neatly as possible.

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